CYBERPUNKS REMIX is a collection of 4,444 unique, randomly generated cyberpunks roaming on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs. They are unique digital collectibles and no two of them are exactly the same.

Owning a CYBERPUNK gives you a membership card, and grants you access to members-only benefits & airdrops!


Neon City, 21XX: The great REMIX Resurrection. After centuries of being oppressed by the big corporations and corrupt dictators, decades having to crawl in the shadows, here comes the new generation of CYBERPUNKS, a massive community of tech lovers ready to take over the city skylines, willing to give whatever it takes.

Technological advance was supposed to give us a better quality of life; it gave us companion robots and smartphones, but took a lot more from us. Now, the Megacorps are threatening to take everything that's left... even our lives!

Will anyone stand up to fight them?... Will you?

Soon, an army of CYBERPUNKS will take to the streets of Neon City, hack-and-slash through the barriers of this forced inequality, and reclaim what was once our amazing city.


There are some cool mechanics about of how the CyberPunks properties will work:

- You can have up to 5 base traits, those are BACKGROUND, SKIN & EYES, MOUTH, HAIR, CLOTHES.

- You can get up to 4 extra traits. Those would be GLASSES, MASK, HANDS, WEAPONS". But wait... There is more!

- You can also unlock special hidden traits if you manage to get for example the following traits: "Action Girl Hair, Matrix Glasses, Agent Jacket". That way you will unlock a secret trait under "SPECIAL".

- There are a couple of SPECIAL traits you can unlock, each with its own requirements.

- Last but not less, there is a game in development where you will be able to race with your customised cars against other CYBERPUNKS holders to get awesome prizes, custom skins, eth, power-ups, and more. For each CPR-REMIX you minted during this phase you will be able to claim 1 free car and be able to challenge your foes and get yourself on the top of the season leaderboard. 🏆

The CYBERPUNKS REMIX team is committed to long-term value generation for our community members. This means you can expect exclusive merch, airdrops, giveaways, and more.

Additionally, we are building our very own Cyberpunk Neon-Cafe where the community can meet together and have fun. Will be glad to see you there!


Ethereum Launch

Claim your CYBERPUNKS REMIX on launch, tear up the asphalt of Neon City, and take down the Megacorps in style.

Public mint phase starts on late April, 1 free per wallet | then 0.006eth each for a max of 5 per address.
Remember you will be able to claim 1 free car per each CyberPunk REMIX nft you minted during this phase.

Exclusive Perks for NFT holders

Holders can expect to unlock special utilities and perks including: Airdrops, giveaways, exclusive access to Discord VIP channels, in-game prizes, and more!


This is going to be an amazing journey that we will do together! We’ve set up some goalposts for ourselves. Once we hit a target sell through percentage, we will begin to work on realizing the stated goal.

10% -- We hire professional developers to help on the CyberPunk REMIX collection.

20% -- We will free the wrongfully imprisoned CyberPunks. 25 CyberPunks prisoners (tokens held back from the sale) are airdropped to random CyberPunk holders.

40% -- CyberPunks EVOLVED gets its own reloaded world for the next new generation of high resolution CyberPunks REMIX.

60% -- Members-Exclusive CyberPunk REMIX NFTs gets unlocked, artists can do art commissions on Discord to win a free mint of their very own 1/1 custom CyberPunk added to the collection.

80% -- CyberPunk REMIX ETH Collection will be launched on Opensea!

100% -- The CYBERPUNKS REMIX website will be transformed and will get its own CyberPunk Neon-Cafe for all Members to join in and have fun with their corresponding avatars!


Founder & Dev




Visual Artist


Umbria Partner


Discord mod


Discord mod


Business Dev


Lead Illustrator



Q: What are the CYBERPUNKS REMIX ?
CYBERPUNKS REMIX is a limited edition series of NFT art collectibles with over 200+ programmatically generated hand drawn traits of differing rarities. Each CYBERPUNK is unique, with its own traits and rarity, and is stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain, hosted on IPFS.
Q: What's CYBERPUNKS Story ?
CYBERPUNKS are Electro/Techno music inspired Punk girls lurking over the skylines of Neon City. But what secrets do their digital shadows tell when night falls? Plug-in and find out.
Q: How many CYBERPUNKS will be there ?
4444 CYBERPUNKS will be available to mint on the first phase launch. We gonna reserve some of them for giveaways and holders airdrops. Depending on the collection behaviour and community votes there will be aditional mint phases and increased max supply.
Q: Will be there a pre-sale event ?
Answer is NO, but all those who minted on the public mint phase will be able to claim 1 free car per each nft minted!
Q: What is the minting price for CYBERPUNKS REMIX ?
The mint price will be 0.006ETH for everyone with an starting max of 5 per wallet, if there is any remaining supply we will move into a second mint phase with a maximum of 10 per wallet and burn any that's left behind.
Q: What's the project launch date ?
Public mint phase starts on late April. Collection will be revealed 1 day after collection sold out or exactly 1 week after the mint phase.
Q: Who's crafting CYBERPUNKS REMIX universe ?
Our team is built around highly-skilled Developers and Designers who prioritize quality at every stage of development. We have experts in web 3 programming, graphics, and business development. Our Lead Visual Artist and Illustrator is a very talented Indonesian graphic designer that has worked on many stunning visuals for successful NFT projects. Our Founder and Dev KEANU_EVANZ.rmx is a long time Indie game developer and software programmer, there is no limits for his knowledge. To learn more about the amazing and diverse talents on the CYBERPUNKS REMIX team, head over to our team channel!